Men's Ministry

Men meeting & growing in their walk with JESUS. Learning & applying the Word of GOD to their lives, families, & work. 

Thursday 7:00 pm

2717 Valley View Rd    Sharpsville, PA 16150

Iron Sharpening Iron

  • Encourage
  • Challenge
  • Feed on the Word of God
  • Gain Biblical perspective to current world events


Men building Men. GOD building HIS Kingdom. People embracing people sharing The Father's Greatest Gift to All.

Whether you attend a church or not, check out what's going on here. Men of different denominations & expressions come out to learn & discuss issues like: What does it mean to be a man of GOD? How do you walk in the power of GOD?  These issues and more are discussed through the lens of The Scripture here on Thursday night in a relaxed, casual environment.

2717 Valley View Rd

Sharpsville, PA 16150